Thursday, December 21, 2023

Poem: Indie Christmas Harmony


Indie Christmas Harmony

A festive poem staring the independent music scene:

Created by Indie Mastered 2023

In a world where indie tunes softly play, Beneath a sky of winter's silver grey, There lies a tale of Christmas, bright and true, Where songwriters and musicians, a merry crew,

Gather 'round a fire's gentle, warming glow, With guitars strumming soft and voices low. No major labels in this festive scene, Just pure-hearted artists, spirits keen.

The snow outside whirls in a joyous dance, As melodies weave a tranquil trance. Poets pen lyrics with a festive cheer, Capturing the magic of this time of year.

In cozy rooms, where laughter freely rings, Each song a unique gift that warmly sings. From soulful ballads to uplifting tunes, Their music like a hug on cold afternoons.

Under twinkling lights, their voices blend, In a symphony of joy without end. Indie spirits, with their creative flair, Spread a message of love and care.

This Christmas tale, so simple yet profound, Where music and friendship are tightly bound. A reminder that in this holiday season, The indie heart beats for a beautiful reason.

So let's toast to the artists, near and far, Who light up our world like a bright North Star. With their songs, they gently remind, In every melody, peace and joy we find.

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