Thursday, August 31, 2017

All About Indie Music Bus

Indie Music Bus

a metaphor for our concept of a “vehicle” to support independent music
Hello, independent music creators and supporters! My name is Walter Hargrave I have a message to the independent music industry based on years of observation and participation. Music has always been a part of my life.  Music has saved me in many ways but that’s another story.  I feel that I owe something back and I have a talent to share. I want to help independent music artists succeed and to eventually bring awareness of what the loss of independent music would mean to our society.
Music is central to my life.  The story of Indie Music Bus™ (IMB) began year 2000.  The need to build a support system started much earlier in 1998, when some friends drew me into supporting their rock band.  I really believed in them, even though our country music town was so unsupportive. I wanted to find a better way to support them! Building computers and writing computer programs is also a passion and my day job. The ability to learn new languages and systems allows me to express myself in many ways.  I feel it to be my strongest creative feature, through which I found ways to help the band beyond my occasional recording, mixing and musical contribution.