Monday, December 18, 2023

Harmony in Narratives: Lyric Stories - The Indie Mastered Project by Hargrave Enterprises

Lyric Stories
Copyright Hargrave Enterprises 2023

Lyric Stories Copyright Hargrave Enterprises 2023

I've developed a groundbreaking concept that's absolutely novel and undiscovered! It's a first for everyone I've presented it to, a complete surprise. Eagerly anticipating the chance to offer this to every artist I interview.

Here are the steps and process I have created.

  1. Identify bands or artists known for their metaphorical lyrics or captivating storytelling.
  2. Invite them for an interview.
  3. Ask for lyrics that exemplify their unique style.
  4. Compose a review of these lyrics.
  5. Create a fictional short story inspired by the lyrics.
  6. Produce an image using AI, based on the story.
  7. Transfer the story's rights to the artist, crediting it to "Indie Mastered" for any use.
  8. Debut the piece on my blog.
  9. Publish the interview, lyric review, and story together.
  10. Impress the artist and fans, leveraging the content's viral potential.

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