Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview with Country Music Star - Mary Sarah

We have been trying to land an interview with Mary Sarah for awhile now but she is a rather busy youngster these days. She had a moment to spend some time to do this interview with us. Thank you Mary! We will start with an excerpt from her bio page:

Mary Sarah
Turning 16 this summer!!! WooHoo! Seems like I waited an eternity for this day to come around. Am I excited about driving…anyone that knows me would say a big fat YES! I have been carefully looking at all kinds of cars for over a year now. My hearts desire would be to have one without a lid! You know…a convertible of any kind! Not sure that is practical right out the starting gate but hey…I am a dreamer. How about the new 2012 Beatles…sure wish I would have been old enough to go on Oprah last Christmas…she gave everyone in the audience one!

And now on to the interview!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Something About @JesseAbraham

Jesse Abraham
We had a chance to again catch up with Jesse Abraham for another interview. Our last interview published on 10/9/2011 and can be seen here. Jesse has been rather busy working on his new project "I Am Water" so we appreciate him taking time out for us! He asked us to think "outside the box" on this one and we think you might just learn some new things about Jesse, enjoy!