Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Interview with Volary - @volarymusic

Currently Volary consists of myself (singer/songwriter/guitar) and Sam Mollica (best bass player ever :) We've been looking for a permanent drummer and/or percussionist for the longest time, so if anyone in the Bay Area is interested, please contact us! 

"My debut album, 'Out of Shadows,' was recorded by myself and a lot of session musicians before I met Sam. I was adamant that I didn't want to make a typical singer/songwriter album (very sparse instrumentation, big close-up of my face on the cover), nor did I want to make a typical rock band sounding album (electric guitar, bass, and drums), and I'm really happy with what we achieved. I wanted a distinctive sound, for the album to be cohesive despite the very different flavors of some of the songs, and for it to feel like you'd entered a world of its own. It's very different when played live, of course, since we don't often travel with string trios and horn sections in our back pockets, so come on out and see us if you can! "

We were talking with Volary and she told us that she was reviewed by Music Scene Investigation and seeing how we are partners with them, we figured that would be a good start to this interview.