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Lehi: The Rising Star from Hartlepool - A Journey of Passion and Innovation in Music


Lehi, a 24-year-old solo artist from Hartlepool, Northeast England, has carved a unique space in the music industry with his exceptional talent and passion. His journey into music began in his childhood, influenced by a musical environment and his involvement in a local band where he honed his skills in writing music and playing guitar. In 2015, Lehi's interest in recording music blossomed, leading him to spend countless hours in his college music studio, a testament to his dedication.

The formation of THE EUTONY with a school friend was a significant step in his career, resulting in the release of three guitar-focused singles in 2017. Lehi’s academic pursuits in music production at Leeds Beckett University, culminating in a First Class degree in 2021, further solidified his foundation in the music industry.

Lehi's decision to embark on a solo career in 2023 marked a pivotal turn in his musical journey. His eclectic taste, drawing inspiration from artists like The 1975, Valley, MUNA, and The Blue Nile, is evident in his music, which features a blend of vocal production and lush 80s synths. His approach to music is exploratory, aiming to traverse different genres and create a soundtrack that mirrors his life experiences.

Lehi's debut as a solo artist has been nothing short of remarkable. His debut single garnered significant attention, being featured on over forty radio stations worldwide. This early success was highlighted by his recognition as the Unsigned Artist and Record of the Week on two radio stations, and his single reaching No.1 on the IT IS NOW RADIO TOP 20 and KB Radio Canada Indie TOP 40.

His achievements extend to notable platforms and shows, including BBC Introducing, The O.F.I Monday Show Podcast, and CVFM Radio. He has also been featured on RADIO X's John Kennedy - XPosure Show, demonstrating his wide appeal and recognition in the industry.

Lehi’s music is available on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Deezer, making it accessible to a broad audience. With the announcement of his new single, 'Shut the Door,' set to release on January 26th, 2024, there is a palpable excitement about what this talented artist will bring next.

Lehi’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and dedication in the pursuit of musical excellence. His achievements thus far are only the beginning, as he continues to evolve and make his mark in the world of music.

Lyric Review of  Shut The Door by Lehi

"SHUT THE DOOR" by Lehi presents a narrative of emotional turmoil and healing following a breakup. The lyrics convey a sense of confusion and yearning for understanding, particularly in the opening verses where the speaker reflects on their failed attempts to reach out and mend the relationship. The repeated question, "What did I do? If I only knew," underscores a feeling of helplessness and a desire for closure.

The pre-chorus and chorus introduce the themes of healing and the inability to forget the pain caused by the breakup. The lines "I'm healing / But I can't forget the feeling" suggest a struggle to move on, despite recognizing the necessity of doing so.

Verse 3 introduces a twist, revealing that the partner had initially promised never to leave but eventually found someone new. This betrayal amplifies the speaker's pain and confusion, enhancing the emotional depth of the song.

The later parts of the song continue to explore these themes, with the speaker admitting their ongoing struggle to let go ("I'm trying hard not to let it show / But stupid heart will not let you go"). This internal conflict is a common theme in breakup songs, depicting the difficulty of moving on from a deep emotional connection.

Finally, the outro reiterates the central theme of the song - healing from a painful end to a relationship. The repeated phrase "Then you went ahead and shut the door" serves as a powerful metaphor for the finality of the breakup, closing the chapter on the relationship and leaving the speaker to navigate the aftermath.

Overall, the song effectively captures the complex emotions of heartbreak, combining feelings of loss, confusion, and the challenging journey towards healing. The lyrical structure, with its repeating chorus and evolving verses, reflects the cyclical nature of coping with a breakup, where progress is often accompanied by recurring pain and memories.

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Echoes of a Sunset Heart

A Fictional Short Story based on the Song Lyrics

Created by Indie Mastered

Copyright Lehi 2023

In a quaint, picturesque town where every sunset painted the sky with a myriad of colors, there lived a young man named Eli. Eli's life was as serene as the town he called home, until he met Ava, a spirited and enigmatic woman who brought a storm of emotions into his once calm existence. Their love story started like any other, with shy glances and hesitant conversations that blossomed into a beautiful relationship.

But as time passed, clouds of misunderstanding and unspoken words gathered over their love. Eli, with his gentle heart, tried to reach out to Ava, his calls echoing into the void of their growing distance. He often found himself wandering the streets at dusk, pondering over what went wrong, questioning his every action and word. "What did I do? If I only knew," became his silent refrain, a melody of regret that played constantly in his mind.

The day Ava decided to leave was as abrupt and shocking as a thunderclap. She left with words that stung like icy rain, "We're screwed," she said, shutting him out of her life as one would close a door against a storm. Eli stood there, bewildered, his heart struggling to grasp the sudden emptiness.

In the days that followed, Eli tried to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart. He would often sit by the window, staring into the horizon, hoping to find answers in the vastness of the sky. The realization that Ava had her reasons, reasons he might never understand, slowly dawned on him. He had never dared to give more, to breach the walls she had built around her heart, and now he was left with only memories and what-ifs.

One autumn evening, as Eli walked through the amber-lit streets, he learned that Ava had found someone new, someone who promised her the stars and the moon, someone who could love her in ways he never could. This revelation tore at his already fragile heart, leaving him to wrestle with a fresh wave of pain and jealousy.

Yet, amidst this turmoil, Eli found himself healing, albeit slowly. The pain and the memories of Ava lingered like a stubborn fog, but he began to see glimpses of sunshine through the clouds. He realized that healing wasn't just about forgetting or erasing memories; it was about accepting them and finding peace within himself.

Eli's journey wasn't easy. Many nights, he battled with his emotions, his heart unwilling to let go of Ava. He tried to mask his feelings, to put up a brave front, but the solitude of his room knew the truth of his tears and silent screams.

In the end, Eli found solace in writing. He penned down his thoughts, his pain, his journey of healing, and his undying love for Ava. Each word was a step towards acceptance, a balm for his aching heart. He realized that sometimes, love stories don't have happy endings, and that's okay. They leave behind lessons, memories, and a strength that one never knew they had.

As winter gave way to spring, Eli's story of love and loss, of healing and hope, found a place in the hearts of many. He had learned that while some doors close, leaving us out in the cold, they also lead us to paths we never knew existed, paths that lead to self-discovery and new beginnings.


  1. Great review. I look forward to hearing the song.

  2. What a fab review and what a relatable story. Looking forward to the song being released.


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