Friday, June 15, 2012

Interview with Kevin Burdick @kevin_burdick

In this edition of Road Trip we had the good fortune to do an interview with the multi-talented Kevin Burdick. His talents range from actor to philosopher and of course, one of the main reasons we are here is due in part to great musicianship and songwriting!
Bio excerpt:
In the musical spirit of Elton John and Billy Joel arrives piano sensation, Kevin Burdick. His unique blend of reality and piano rock is sure to inspire you, as it has thousands of others all around the globe. In 2006, Cingular Wireless selected Kevin as on of the top emerging artists on MySpace and turned one of his songs, “She Does Her Crying Alone” into a downloadable ring tone. “Robbie’s Song” from his 2005 Release True Stories and other fairy tales burned up the Independent and College Radio Charts, breaking the top 1000 and resting as high as 313 (un-weighted, August 2006). "

 Thank you Kevin for taking the time to do this interview with us! So now, without further ado, let's get to it, here is our interview with Kevin Burdick.

Kevin, you have many entertaining talents, such as music, acting, writing, producing, etc.. If you had to choose one, which is your favorite?

 I love the creative process. Writing music, recording music – that’s what really get’s me going. Public speaking and trying to inspire people is another huge passion of mine. The other things are just hobbies and other interests I have and enjoy.

When you include the fact that you are also an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, and consultant, this makes you an extremely productive person. How do you manage it all?

 It’s not easy. I’m a good multi-tasker and I believe in the power of making “To Do” lists, which helps a ton. You have to take a few minutes each day and determine what is urgent and important and make sure you are focused on those tasks and move down from there.

Your songs have a duality to them. There's a sort of heal the world and/or heal yourself. Is this one the messages or themes that stick with you in your songwriting?

 I like writing anthems for people who have been through tough things in their life because I’ve been through some terrible things myself. It gives me comfort to know that someone out there may be listening to my song and it is giving them the strength and courage to make it through another day. I get e-mails every week from fans around the world who tell me that one of my songs helped them move on after their divorce or helped them deal with the loss of their loved one. It’s pretty overwhelming and amazing that I’m able to provide that type of healing to people.

The ironic thing is that they still maintain a commercial appeal, is this because of your musical influences? As a matter of fact who are your musical influences?

 Oh man. I love so many artists and my music collection is pretty eclectic. The Beatles, of course, are the top. But 70’s Elton John, 80’s Billy Joel, Queen, Ben Folds, and many others continue to influence me. I love modern artists that know how to tell a good story and make me feel something.

You have awesome comedic timing and you have a substantial following. What lead you to do the "Who Is Kevin Burdick" videos?

 I wanted people to be able to see more about who I am and what motivates me. It was really fun to let people into my life for those few months and see, not only, what I was doing, but who I am as a person.

By the way, if they ever decide to make a movie about the artist, Meatloaf, you would be perfect for the lead role. So promise that you will audition for the part.

 Ha. Well thanks. I guess I would simply say that I would do anything for love, but I wouldn’t do that… But seriously, that would be cool.

Enjoy Firefly by Keven Burdick

What's next for Kevin Burdick? Do you have any new projects on the calendar or a secret plan to take over the world?

 I’m actually in the offices of right now. I’m performing a new song for their 20,000 viewers in 1 hour and performing 3 more songs tomorrow. Over the last year or so and thanks to my distributor, Triple Scoop Music, I have become a little popular in the wedding video and photographer community, especially my song “God Made You Just For Me.” The new album, my 6th album, will be primarily love songs - which have been easy to write as I have recently fallen madly in love – and will be available everywhere late fall. As long as I am having fun and inspiring people, I’ll just be happy to continuing doing my thing.


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