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ABOUT: Indie Music Bus - Road Trip

Walter Hargrave, founder of “Indie Mastered” and the "Indie Music Bus - Road Trip" blog, began his journey in independent music promotion in 1998 and moved online in the early 2000s, engaging with a Twitter community by 2010. A computer programmer and developer, he leverages his skills to enhance productivity in indie music promotion. His blog, ad-free and without paid services, offers diverse content, from interviews to discussions on the artistic growth of musicians and the influence of digital platforms. Walter is committed to fostering a community for indie music fans. He manages multiple popular Spotify playlists, maintained for over five years. Additionally, Walter invites musicians, record label personnel, and vinyl or CD compilation creators for comprehensive email interviews. He also provides sought-after lyric reviews, sometimes creating Lyric Stories with AI-generated images to illustrate these narratives

Example Interviews and Articles

Artist Article: "Exploring the Musical Journey of Alexandra Kay: A Rising Star in Country Music: Independent of Major Record Labels"

Music Industry Article: "The Anatomy of a Full-Service Independent Record Label in 2024: Roles, Structure, and Operational Dynamics"

Enhanced Compilation Coverage: “Reviving Vinyl Excitement: The Journey of Record Citizens in the Indie Music Scene”

Music Lyric Review and Story: “Howling (The Ocean) by John Serrano: A Lyric Review and Lyric Story: The Howling of the Eternal Ocean “

In-Depth Interview (Questions for each member):  "The Heavy North: A Symphony of Blues, Rock, and Soulful Evolution"

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