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Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview with Country Music Star - Mary Sarah

We have been trying to land an interview with Mary Sarah for awhile now but she is a rather busy youngster these days. She had a moment to spend some time to do this interview with us. Thank you Mary! We will start with an excerpt from her bio page:

Mary Sarah
Turning 16 this summer!!! WooHoo! Seems like I waited an eternity for this day to come around. Am I excited about driving…anyone that knows me would say a big fat YES! I have been carefully looking at all kinds of cars for over a year now. My hearts desire would be to have one without a lid! You know…a convertible of any kind! Not sure that is practical right out the starting gate but hey…I am a dreamer. How about the new 2012 Beatles…sure wish I would have been old enough to go on Oprah last Christmas…she gave everyone in the audience one!

And now on to the interview!

We've been rather busy of late and sure we have missed events and happenings that you have had so could you take a moment to catch us up a bit?

I've been super busy with school, recording and performing! I actually won districts in tennis and we made to to the finals of regionals!  We have 7 songs done on my next project with 3 more to go. I am super excited about the project it should be released by fall *crossesfingers* :)

Would you say your current project is Pop/Country?

Definitely all COUNTRY on the next album! Of course, the music will "pop" though!  I think you'll love it!

Has there been anything that has happened to you during your experiences that has changed that way you look at the music business?

Not really!  We are approached a lot by the reality shows about auditioning but I'm not in a hurry to get famous or anything. I'm still only 16 and wanna experience more teenage stuff. 

Which instruments do you play?

Fiddle (learning it)

Who would you say has recently influenced you to do something you hadn't thought of before?

Wow. I think my brother who is a type 1 diabetic and 8 years out of a liver transplant. He has overcome so much and is such a fighter! If he can do it I can too!  Also meeting Miss Dolly Parton was amazing and inspiring. She came from way in the mountains and has done so much!  I admire her talents and her smarts.

What would you say has been the most important gig of your career?

Singing the National Anthem for the Houston Texans in front of 75000 people! I started the song higher than I usually do (it was soooo loud there) and hit the highest note I ever sang in public!  One of the Carolina Panthers - Jeremy Shockey, was really effected by it I guess and got all patriotic and upset that everyone wasn't holding there hands over their heart and my YouTube video went viral :) 

Seems like you are invited often to do National Anthems, aren't you about to do another one?

Tomorrow, May 26th, 2012, for the Houston Dynamo vs LA Galaxy MLS game in Houston at the new BBVA Stadium!  I'm psyched (hope i get to meet David Beckham!)

Edit: Here is her performance!

You have worked with a great number of influential people online and off. Can you tell us about some of them?

The Oakridge Boys are the greatest!  I'm really good friends with @joebonsall and @DUANEALLEN they always in its me  to sing on their stage!  Mr Joe says he is gonna be my road manager when he retires! 

I've also been in studio with some of the most amazing country music legends  alive today and the musicians on my next project as some of the best in the world!  I can't really name names just yet but soon! 

I'm shooting a photo shoot in June and my stylish is Miss Trish Townsend who works with Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton - and the photographer is Melinda Norris who shoots Taylor a lot :)

Working with all those great music industry legends has to be a blessing that many will never get. What would you say you have learned most from them?

Yes very much's a great great blessing for sure.  What I've learned most from them is that they are all genuinely real people who care for others.  They know their gift is for others not just for themselves.  That is why I LOVE country music!