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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Interview with Order of Voices

I remember it well the first time listening to and watching a great video by Order of Voices ~ Don't Falter .  I asked our group to have a listen and we listened to it over and over! The animated video is totally cool. It does a great job of visualizing the story being told in the music. After listening to "Reaching Down" and others we decided we had to find out more about this very creative band and try to understand how something this great can even be created. In short we are totally blown away by this band And here begins our interview:

We want to start off saying that your current album is so amazingly good for the soul and we notice it's getting rave reviews!

Can you describe how this feels?

First of all, thanks for the kind words.  I'm happy you like what we do.
The response we've had from the press/webzines etc has been incredible.  We've been amazed by the things that have been said across the board to be honest.  Some of it is pretty mind blowing really, I know it can't have been said lightly and it makes us determined to live up to it.  We put everything into the album and for people to enjoy it in the way we hoped they would is incredible.  It was definitely worth the effort!!

There seems to be a great deal of creativity in your music. Do all of the band members help develop them? Who does what in your group?

It's definitely the case that we're all responsible for the sound we create.  It just happens that as musicians we gel really well together and find that we're singing from the same hymn sheet.  This really helps when writing because it frees us up to try new things and experiment with ideas without getting hung up on the basics.  Its always an exciting process.

Where did you guys get that amazing video "Don't Falter" made?   Who came up with that idea?

Thanks! We knew early on that we wanted to use Don't Falter for one of the videos.  We had basic ideas for a theme but really wanted to involve artists that we liked to bring their slant on things.  The video was created by Harry Shotton and Gavin Sodo, both were people that we knew through friends and had previous experience of their work.  If you check them out you'll see that there's a dark theme to most of their work, not only in the look of it but in the way they put their story across.  Kind of film noir.  It just seemed to click with the feeling of the song and we were happy to let them run with it.  We were obviously involved throughout the process but didn't want to interfere too much as we liked what they were about anyway.  We couldn't have been happier with the result, they just got it!!

Are you planing on video taping the recording process?

Yeah, we'll definitely be taking a lot of photos, and sticking a few video recording diaries online.  I always love watching them so I guess its only fair :D

Will we see more awesome videos?

Definitely.  We love that side of the music.  Its great for us to be able to work towards interpreting the songs with people from outside the band.  You're always going to get new ideas and angles.  Its really important to pick the right the person though.  Someone who gets the music and what you're about.  If its done right it really helps to put the message out and I think it helps people connect with songs sometimes.  You've got me thinking about it now! :D

Anything in closing you would like to say:

We'd just like to say thanks to a couple of companies who have been great to us over the last few months.  Highwood Custom Drums ( ).  Aynsley has recently started using their snares and they're the most exceptional pieces of kit.  You really need to check them out.  Awesome guys too! and Matamp ( ) who are our cab suppliers.  We recently swapped everything out for just Matamp and its been one of the best things we've done for our live sound.  Huge! Again, great guys to work with.
Thanks for chatting to us!  I hope we can make it over to the Americas soon!  We have a lot of great people we'd really like to play for!

Enjoy ~ "Don't Falter Video"

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