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Interview with Broken Ride

Broken Ride
In this episode of Road Trip, we are going to be interviewing a band that was introduced to us by Leanne Harrison of  SIN Agency and we believe this would be the third great band she introduced to us. After a few days we noticed many of our followers where buzzing about "Broken Ride" and one of our busiest followers, @PHXisHOT suggested we do an interview and we agreed. So let's get on to the interview with "Broken Ride":

We want to thank you for the opportunity to interview you guys.

Hi Indie Bus!! Thanks for taking the time to have us! Much appreciated.

Tell us the story for the song "Follow":

The song Follow is about: That moment in life when you fall in love at first sight and you know she's the "one" for you. Someone your never gonna let go, you'd follow this person, even if it was down.

So we get the feeling that you may have broken a ride? Tell us about the band name and how you guys came together:

Haha we've actually had too many broken rides over the years!.. Every single one of us has had terrible vehicle issues. 6 vehicles between 4 guys in 3yrs.. Oh and a bus.. So it gets irritating, but we all joke that we should have chosen the name "the billionaires" instead. Oddly enough, we chose the name "Broken Ride" even before vehicle troubles. Darren our drummer smashed his Ride cymbal and it split right in half, so I was shocked & said "shit you just broke your ride" ...

Darren an I moved to Calgary in 06' from Dawson Creek BC to find a new band. We quickly came across Mr. Kyle Heese in the first apartment we moved into, he heard us playing on the balcony.. & it was love at first sight. Dylan Roberts, our bassist, I've known since grade 10, and we had been making some music in other genre's. So he joined us to play piano, and then we forced him into bass haha..

We see you have toured with the likes of Seether, Econoline Crush, Hail The Villain, Thornley, Armchair Cynics, and 54-50. Tell us a little about that tour:

Playing with all those bands was unreal, and we were truly thankful for all of the opportunities! It’s so uplifting to see light at the end of the tunnel, & that's how u feel playing with bands like these!.. It gives us hope that one day we can be where they are, rockin for all of our fans!!

We are wondering how has the album, "Everything Considered" done since release?

Our Everything Considered album is the next step for us. It has opened up so many doors for us, and has such a great response from everyone who's heard it! We’re very proud of it, it makes us continually write and write better than that!

What was it like working with Chris Burke-Gaffney, Dale Penner and Adam Ayan? Man, what an honor huh?

When we first heard that we had that opportunity to work with those guys, it was pure nostalgia.. Haha I mean who hasn't heard of the bands and people that these guys have worked with!?.. So the whole experience was really a blessing! We stayed in Dales 8 room gigantic ass house/studio at the time, and back and forth between his studio and Chris's studio. Very pleased with the outcome, Adam did an amazing job mastering as well. The guys are just amazing guys too!

Can you tell us a little about your up and coming tour starting October 13, 2011, "Wreckless Hearts Western Canadian Tour"? Also where do fans get tickets and directions?

Well, our Western Canadian Tour is planned to kick off in Salmon Arm BC, and go through Kelowna, Grindrod down to Vancouver, then were trekking it all the way north to Prince George & Grande Prairie AB. Take us back to our roots up there. Then head south back through Alberta. So the tour will roughly be two weeks. If someone wanted to get see us play in any of the cities, tickets are available at the door of the venues, and we'll have the shows posted on our myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc.

What are your future plans for the band?

The Future of Broken Ride is to continue to keep taking the next step, writing songs we believe in, growing our fan base, touring & not just Canada, but North America, Europe, Japan.. No limits really. It’s the passion that's drives us.

Who is the songwriter or do you all work on songs as a team?

For us song writing really comes as a gift. Sure we get in slumps every now and again, but we work together. We usually all come up with somethin and roll with it. Or someone has an idea for a song and we harness that.. I write the lyrics for the band, I always just had this poetic side that just came naturally.

Do you any of you guys have unusual hobbies?

Dylan is really big on contact sports, so Frisbee is his niche.. Kyle likes to work at the bottle depot on weekends, he says "he loves the aroma" .. Darren spends a lot of his free time undressing manikins in clothing stores.. And as for me, I'm almost a professional synchronized swimmer! Thank God for music eh!

Do you have endorsements you would like to thank?

Currently we have no endorsements or sponsors, but we are definitely venturing down that alley.. However We would like to Thank Factor Canada.

What is the most rewarding thing about being in Broken Ride?

For us, it’s being able to really reach out to people and touch them with our music. Before we started recording "Everything Considered" we had a show where we played our song "In God’s Hands". Afterwards she [a fan] came up to us with tears in her eyes & told us her brother had recently died, and asked if we had it recorded anywhere. So moments like that, knowing u can really impact people through our music is complete Euphoria!

Thanks for taking the time for our interview!

Thank you again for taking the time to talk to us. It was our pleasure.

Foo Fighters
Three Doors Down
Breaking Benjamin
Three Days Grace

Graham Furber - Lead Vocal
Darren Falk - Percussion & Drums
Kyle Heese - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Dylan Roberts - Bass & Keyboard

Broken Official

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