Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Michael Botte Band Contributes Single "Radiate" to Global Music Compilation for Anti-Trafficking Effort


Philadelphia, PA – In an inspiring fusion of music and philanthropy, the Michael Botte Band has joined forces with Voices Against Trafficking ( by donating their latest single, "Radiate," to the global music compilation "Broken Treasures." This initiative aims to raise awareness and funds to combat human trafficking and sexual slavery, a cause that Michael Botte, a corporate executive turned singer/songwriter, passionately supports.

Produced by Bob Beals of Sound Foundation Studios, "Radiate" stands out as a beacon of hope and resilience. Its inclusion in the "Broken Treasures" compilation is not just a testament to the band's musical prowess but also to their commitment to leveraging their art for a cause that affects millions worldwide. Voices Against Trafficking, the benefiting non-profit organization, is dedicated to eradicating human bondage through education, advocacy, and support for survivors.

Michael Botte, now a Sony/Orchard and Big Records recording artist, hails from a small steel town along the Ohio River outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and currently resides near Philadelphia. His journey from early band formations in Oakland, CA, to the establishment of the Michael Botte Band in Philadelphia during the tumultuous times of the Covid-19 quarantine reflects his resilience and determination to make a positive impact through music.

Botte's music, a blend of alt-country and rock, has garnered attention on the indie music scene for its catchy hooks and toe-tapping beats. With accolades such as charting on Cashbox Magazine's Pop/Rock Top 100 and securing the top spot on the World Indie Music Chart, the Michael Botte Band's contribution to "Broken Treasures" is anticipated to not only enhance their musical footprint but also significantly support the fight against human trafficking.

The global music compilation "Broken Treasures" was released on January 2024 with all proceeds directed towards the initiatives of Voices Against Trafficking. The Michael Botte Band encourages listeners to support the cause by enjoying the compilation, thereby joining the global fight against human trafficking and sexual slavery. In the words of Michael Botte, "Together, we can make a difference and help put an end to this modern-day form of slavery."

For those interested in previewing "Radiate" before its compilation release, visit for a taste of the sound that's making waves and driving change.

About Michael Botte: A recording artist with a heart for storytelling through music, Michael Botte's journey from a small town to the indie music scene spotlight is marked by his unique sound and heartfelt commitment to making a difference. With new tracks "in the pipeline" for 2024 releasing 3.1.24  and beyond, both Botte and his producer, Bob Beals, promise to continue captivating audiences while contributing to meaningful causes.

For more information on the Michael Botte Band and their efforts to support Voices Against Trafficking, please connect via one of:







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