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Spaceship Days e-Interview @spaceshipdays

I think the first time I ever heard Spaceship Days was on Butterflies Radio and it was "Hanging From the Satellites" and the next day I heard more of the tracks from the CD. I loved them and decided to buy 5 of them to share! ~ Walt

Just days before the Grammy’s Spaceship Days took home the coveted title of “Best Pop Artist” in the 2012 Artists In Music Awards show held at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA. The pop-rock outfit—Matt Mocharnuk (Vocals/Lyrics), Chuck Cox (bass) , Greg Torsone (guitars), and Rob Beeghly (drums) —has been receiving attention for their 2nd album, Black Holes and Butterflies recorded at Afterglow Studio. Spaceship Days blends digital guitar effects, full orchestration, timeless piano, acoustic solos, rich vocal harmonies, vivid mental images, and intricate mixing techniques to create songs that have mass appeal.

Check out the interview:

What major projects do you guys have going these days?

While we are doing some recording, the biggest thing we've got going now is preparing for our show at the Roxy in LA on June 19th. We'll be playing in front of some people who might end up determining the path Spaceship Days will take in the immediate future.

Would you say that social media has been helpful to you?

Yes. Immensely so. Its taken our music to places it might never have reached otherwise.

Which music site do you feel serves your needs the most?

There are several of them that are good for *something* so we try to mix and match all that into an effective system that doesn't suck all of the hours out of the day. Twitter for the "quick and easy"shout outs; Facebook for engaging with people who enjoy what we're doing; Reverbnation is a titan when it comes to actually getting Spaceship Days songs into the ears of listeners ( we encourage everyone to take advantage of the free downloads we offer from that page hint, hint). And there are a half dozen other ning based sites like IM Global that we like to use because they allow us to do a combination of all those other things.

You guys recently changed lead singers, can you tell us why?

For many years we all had the same goals, 100%. Then one day we didn't. It was a difficult time but in the end it was best for everyone just to move on.

We met Adam through his vocal coach who was doing some keys work for us at the time. We got together at a bar to have a chat. It was like peas and carrots from the start; we all recognized the interpersonal chemistry immediately. Greg and I had heard quite a bit of his work by then so we knew he had the chops we were looking for and made a date to jam. Somebody called it an "audition", but we all knew it was actually our first rehearsal. The rest - as they say - is history.

Where did you meet the people who are going to be listening at your Roxy gig?

Many of the 'official' type people we met through our manager, Taylor Van Arsdale. she went above and beyond getting them there on show night. Tarik has several friends that live and work out there and Greg's brother is in the area. We also met some people the last few times we were in the city. We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the audience.

The Roxy in LA is a great venue, is this your first time performing there? What are the details for landing that gig?

Yes! In all our visits to LA its was our first time even taking our instruments with us. Taylor was able to get us booked there. It took awhile but it happened at exactly the right time. We played the best gig we've ever done - total peak performance. The feedback we've gotten has been fantastic. This last week has been something of a whirlwind - its both great and utterly humbling to discover just how much a single live performance can influence things.

Is your current project themed and will it be released as an EP or full album?

We're going to go the EP route this time.

For people who have not yet heard your music and are reading this interview, what would you like to say to them?

Hello! We'd like to invite you into the world of Spaceship Days. give us a look, give us a listen, come to a show, or just drop us a line to say "Hey". Thank you for reading this and we hope you'll ride along with us on our musical adventure.

Enjoy "Stick On Stars" Live

A little something about the guys in Spaceship Days

What are you individual hobbies outside of the music business?
Fitness- Tarik
Working out as well- I am addicted to these crazy interval training fitnessclasses and want to become a personal trainer in the next year- Adam.
Sailing, Windsurfing, hiking – Greg
Reading, writing, and watching movies. Oh yeah, I try to stay in shapetoo. C

Any phobias?
Flying, but I do it anyway.- Tarik
Blood and needles...can't even think about them- Adam
No phobias… but I sure don’t like needles either – Greg
I'm fearless C

Do you have a favorite way to travel?
Flying, :) Tarik
Tour bus- Adam
By Catamaran – GregI like to fly, but Im quite fond of the train as well. C 

How about that bucket list?
Play Madden Football in/as a hologram. Not sure if it exits yet. -Tarik
To be able to provide for my family only through my music...that would makeeverything else on my bucket list easier to attain! –Adam
Do music full time! Greg
My Bucket List is quite long, but most of the things involve somethingnormally only done in comic books or Australia 

Are you guys into any sports?
Football, Huge NY Jets fan.- Tarik
Giants Football- 22 weeks of excellence- Adam
Basketball – Greg
Boxing - C 

Which instruments do you all play?
The vocal chords- Adam
Guitars & MIDI stuff – Greg
Bass- and enough guitar to be the rhythm guy in a really bad garage band

Do you have any shout outs you would like to do here?

I want to give a shout out to YOU Walter. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us and always being so supportive of Spaceship Days and bands everywhere. 
Also many happy shout outs to All of our friends and fans, Carol & Mark from Butterflies Radio 
Megan Harper, Connie W. Grace Girlierox, David Slater and the IM Global Crew, Wayne B. at Krankit Radio 
MSI, Johnny Pete & Joy, Mikey Jayy, our manager Taylor Van Arsdale, and every single person riding the Indie Music Bus


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