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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Como Brothers Band - @ComoBrosBand

On August 1, 2013 we were proud to announce The Como Brothers Band our Act of the Month. These guys really have their heads on straight and know what they want to do and where they are trying to go. We believe they will have no problems climbing the ladder of success. We can visualize them on the stage at any major venue and they totally belong there! But for now, please enjoy our interview conducted by Ced of Independent Music and Media.

The Como Brothers Band

Songwriting is our primary focus. For us, writing songs is a daily obsession. We want to write songs that are original, creative, and have integrity. Right now, we are recording our first full length album at VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY. . Matt and Andrew Como (22-24 years old) are songwriters and musicians that value organic music, musicianship, and songs with original integrity. All of their songs are credited as written by Matt and Andrew Como. Music is not a hobby of the brothers but a way of life and a career. Early in life their Dad and his brothers played music at family parties and Matt and Andrew were inspired along with their parents encouragement, to play music.

They extensively played live throughout high school and college and are now an experienced live act having played in bars, festivals and local shows around New York over the past years. In 2010 they officially began the rock band The Como Brothers Band and have been pushing forward for their dreams of a long term career in music.

Thanks for the opportunity to ask you guys a few questions. How are you guys doing and how has the indie music scene been treating you?

We’re doing great! Thanks for asking. The indie music scene is something that never ceases to amaze us. There are so many awesome people out there that are trying to get lesser known bands heard, and we wouldn't know what to do without all the help we've been getting from some of these very amazing and dedicated people. I’m going to take this opportunity to thank Indie Music Bus, KGUP 106.5 FM Radio, New Driven and all their syndicate stations, Steve Lightbody, Butterflies Radio, Revolver Underground, BWD Radio, 365 Radio Network, Sean Radio, Phenomenal Radio, Take2 Radio, Jammin Jukebox, Indie Minded Radio, Destiny from DSN Promo, The Clinic Records, Crystal Blue Radio, Cyber FM, AiirNet Radio, Radio, KMS Radio, Crunch Radio, RockMeBabyTV, Rockers Dive Radio, Triangle Radio, KZKO The Vibe, The Zone - Party 94.3 FM, Uncle Earl Radio Show on the Ultimate Underground and many others. The Indie Scene also includes other talented artists that support us such as Odane Whilby, Kathryn Hoxie, Glitter Rose, In Air, The Relics, Leona’s Sister, Colin Huntley and Clockwork Betty to name a few.

  I would also really like to thank ReverbNation for giving Independent Artists the ultimate platform for their music to be heard. By being a member of their site we have been selected for so many awesome opportunities and gained exposure for our music. I would also like to thank the dedication of stations that are no longer on the air like Krankit Radio and Ultimate Jamz. We are fully aware that without all of the Indie Music Scene and the support of our fans we would be nowhere. We are forever grateful for everyone’s support! Sorry if missed anyone and did not mention you, we know that there are many others including numerous bloggers who have also supported us.

Besides the two biological brothers, how did you guys come together to form the awesome band that you have?

  We met the rest of the band members at different times in our lives.  We've known our keyboardist, Tim Costello, since I (Andrew) was three years old. We actually met in pre-school.  I met John O’Keefe, our percussionist, while I was attending school at Providence College.  John was actually Tim’s roommate freshmen year and lived with me junior and senior year.  We were introduced to Justin Scheidling through a friend.

During my research, I listened to the songs "Late Nights", "Straight Face", and "Parachute". This was enough to let me know that you are a versatile band. What is your songwriting process or does it change a great deal?

Matt and I (Andrew) either write the songs completely alone, fully together, or a mixture of both together and apart.  It really depends on the song, but even if we write a song “alone” we’ll always end up working on each others material whether it be melodically, lyrically, or instrumentally by the time the song is said and done. “Late Nights” and “Parachute” were songs written by Matt, while “Straight Face” was written by Andrew.  These songs particularly shine a light into how Matt and I operate as writers.  Matt tends to write about darker and denser topics, while I tend to write with more of a light hearted feel.  This is not to say the shoe is never on the other foot, but for the most part we've found this to be true.  I think that’s what makes being part of a songwriting team like this so great.  It’s like a yin and yang effect; we balance each other out.

So you guys are from Mount Sinai, NY. Are there a lot of local musical influences that have helped you shape your sound?

The most influential local musicians would have to be our family members.  We were always inspired to play music by our Dad and uncles.  When we were growing up we would always watch them play together, and it really made us want to pick up an instrument and join in.  We even played in a Beatles tribute band with our Dad and Uncle Lawrence while we were in high school.  Growing up on The Beatles courtesy of our Dad definitely contributed to us having a huge appreciation for songwriting and pop sensibility.  My Mom was the one who insisted on us taking music lessons starting with piano when Matt was five and I was three.  She really wanted us to have what she didn't have as a kid.  She is also the inspiration behind never giving up.  Both of our parents encouraged us to pursue music as a career because they know this is what we love to do.  

What was the experience like to open for The Wallflowers? How did that opportunity come about? And did you guys get to exchange autographed merchandise with each other? (I only mention that, because I would love to sport a "The Como Brothers" t-shirt).

We were selected from 400 other original bands to open for The Wallflowers through Sonicbids.  It was an amazing experience.  Everyone was really cool to work with and very accommodating.  The best part of the night for me had to be when I chatted with The Wallflowers bass player Greg Richling.  I couldn't believe how down to earth he was right after telling me about stories of his band touring with such acts as Counting Crows, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and The Rolling Stones!  He gave me great heartfelt advice about keeping my eye on the dream and not to look back.  It was really inspiring to me because this was coming from a member of a Grammy Award winning band, and they've all been at it for 20+ years.  I gave him our latest EP Still Waters, but I didn't think to exchange any autographed merch.  We have to get you a t-shirt ASAP!

Currently, what is your favorite song to perform during your set and why?

My favorite (Andrew) to play live is definitely “Straight Face” off our upcoming album Baby Steps.  Every time we perform it live the song just mentally takes me back to the headspace I was in when I wrote it.  It’s cool because it’s a song that’s very personal to me and my experiences, yet it’s such a universal and relatable topic.  That’s what makes it so great to show other people; there’s that connection factor.
I know Matt’s favorite song to play live at the moment is “I Don’t Like You” from our EP The Speed of Sound.  We've reworked some of the grooves and harmonies for the live set, and it’s a song we’re really digging at the moment.

Who does all the planning and such for you guys to have so many interviews and other things going on at the same time? Day after day we some new press about you guys!

We definitely try to keep ourselves busy.  Matt has actually been both the bass player and manager since day one.  Believe it or not we are currently not under any management.  I am convinced that I have two brothers named Matt and that one day I’m going to meet the second Matt.  There must be two of them because I really don’t know how Matt does all the things he does behind the scenes while still making time to play and write songs. 


Andrew Como - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Matt Como - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Justin Scheidling - Percussion & Drums
Tim Costello - Keyboards, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
John O’Keefe - Auxiliary Percussion, Vocals

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