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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Interview with Bosco and Peck - @boscoandpeck

Formed in late 2004 to compete in “The Mix 97.3 Battle of the Bands”, Bosco & Peck won the competition and seven months later released “A band so mysterious… you’ve never heard of them.”. After a year of pitching the album they landed 2 shows on the Virgin College Mega Tour. The tour publicist introduced them to Dave Natale (sound man for the Rolling Stones) who offerred a three song demo at his studio. In 2007 they competed for “Philly Rising Artist of the Year”. Since then B&P have performed again on the 2007 Virgin College Mega Tour, Chicago's Looptopia Festival, Dewey Beach Music Conference 07 and 08. Their song "I Can't Help" was chosen for channel 6 ABC's Most Memorable Musical Moments and “#9 Train” was featured by NBT Records. 

And now on with our interview conducted by Ced of Independent Music and Media.

Enjoy Music From Bosco and Peck

You guys are so awesome and it is such a pleasure to be interviewing you. How is everything going for you in 2012?

 2012 seems to be the year we have actually finished our album "Just when you thought you'd never smile again". so we think it's a good year so far!

When you recorded your first demo, what goals and expectations did you have for the band? 

Honestly, we had some song ideas and just simply recorded them. we didn't think we could have a serious "neo-soul" project until we won a contest for a radio station outside of Atlantic City. That started us as a neo-soul band...but I usually describe us as an "old school R&B band". Our goals have always been to make the best sounding recordings that we can, and have a fun live performance. As far as our expectations...we are still waiting for George Clinton and the P-Funk to arrange some horns and Rick Rubin to produce a couple songs...the Phil Spector wall of sound would be nice too as long as non of us get shot!

Have your goals and/or strategies changed since then? What is your outlook on the future of musical career, now?

 Yes... We are not waiting and hoping for a music contract any more, like we were when we were 17 years old. our strategies as far as recording are pretty much the same...Good Sounds. When we are recording or mixing something we still sit back and try to listen as if it were the first time we heard it. Despite how emotionally attached we are to a part in the song, if it doesn't sound good, we cut it!! As far as the future of our musical career...well, we all are gonna keep writing and recording. between the 3 of us (Paul Bosco, J Peck and Matt Coslop), we have alot of new song there is some sort of music career in the future....we just can't quit our day jobs..yet.

The words that are used to describe your sound are neo-soul, 60's, and 70's funk. But these elements come from your ability to utilize all the sounds available to you, even down to your backing vocals. What is your process for coming up with ways to creatively combine these sounds with such soul?

 We usually record a rough idea first. sometimes just guitar and vocals, or piano and vocals. we tend to start with just a verse and chorus. and a bunch of over dubbed vocals. when a rough idea starts sounding like Boston we know we went too far! Once we all decide to go in a direction with a song it's just a matter of recording it.... sometimes we struggle with the lyrics. Lyrics seem to be the thing that holds up a new song the most.

You really seem to be enjoying The Song Swap. Let our readers know how it works and why you got involved with it.

What's "The song swap"? ha ha...we have suspended The Song Swap This Year. It was too much work and time... We needed to finish "Just when you thought you'd never smile again", and we are working on 2 more albums currently. However, The Song Swap will come back.... It's basic concept is to create a music community by artist covering each others original songs...and interviewing them, and sharing each version with their fans via "The song swap" pod cast.

You guys have a fun, easy going persona as a band. What is one of the goofiest things that you have done on stage? 

Let Paul sing the cover of Aretha Franklin's "(you make me feel like) a natural woman".

What is one of the most unorthodox-ed techniques you have used in the recording studio to get a certain sound or stumble upon a new sound that you decided to use?

Recently we have been experimenting with 2 mic stereo recordings. not really un orthodox, but more of an "un-modern" thing to do.... we all play in the room...but we adjust our positioning in relation to the mics to change where our placement is in the stereo mix.

Well, we wish you all the best. Are there any last words for the readers that you want to get off your chest before we conclude?

 Thank you for the interview. I hope your readers aren't too bored!! ha ha... the only last words are... please buy our new album!!! It's gonna be available the last week of August 2012. we are on the face book, cdbaby, spotify...blah blah blah. Also contact us if you are an artist that wants to cover a Bosco and Peck song for The song swap pod cast (Season 3 in 2013).

Paul Bosco: Hobbies include cooking, gardening,
 traveling and long walks on the beach.

Matt Coslop: hobbies include sewing,
 playing guitar,
 recording his own music (not bosco and peck),
 and enjoys poetry.
J Peck: Hobbies include Larping, renaissance fairs,
being a dad, and enjoys sunsets.
Thank you, -Paul Bosco 

Special thanks to Ced