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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interview with I Will Break Thee

This fairly newly formed, Orlando, Florida based Metal Band, "I WILL BREAK THEE", will soon be setting the world on its side with an awesome EP "Welcome To My Kingdom".

Recorded, produced and released by Shane Bryant of Screamhouse Media, the bands label. Shane is also the lead singer and creator of IWBT, which is a rare occurrence in itself. Being endorsed by some fairly big named sponsors, musicians, internet radio, etc, seem to be in agreement with us on this point; They are destined for big things if they stay on this course of action with creative music and lyric writing.

What are the story's behind our favorite songs, "Bloodguilt" and "Welcome To my Kingdom"?

"Bloodguilt" was actually the second song written for this project.  I can remember showing up to the studio one day, this was before we actually had a band haha, and Shane was playing that intro riff.  I can remember standing outside the studio just listening to this riff blast through the speakers.  I waited until he was finished, burst in the room and said “Holy Shit we have to use that.”  That’s where it started.  As far as the last riff, I can remember Shane asking me to do something with a lot of Southern swag in it, so I basically just started playing the riff as you hear it today.  That song actually really didn’t have much thought put into it, and came together super quick.

"Welcome to My Kingdom" was very similar.  There is some debate on who actually wrote the intro riff but I can remember Shane and me sitting in the studio trying to finish the EP, as far as writing goes.  Shane or I started playing that riff and once again the song just kind of fell together from there.  Most every song on this EP really fell together, nothing was really forced, and I think that comes through nicely in all 6 songs.  Shane and I will be the first to throw something out if we don’t feel like it fits or works so there really isn’t too much arguing as far as writing goes.  Shane and I work really well together, as do all the guys. 

Have any of the band members had any formal training in musicianship, music business or recording/production?

No one has had any real formal training outside of lessons with a teacher, or taking a few classes in high school.  As far as the business side we have learned by trial and error.  Just getting out there and not being afraid to make mistakes.  I have a personal motto I live by which is “It’s not a mistake if you learn from it, then it becomes an experience to grow from.”  Kind of long but it really sums up the thinking in the band. 

As for the recording and production side again trial and error.  Shane and I built the studio we recorded a majority of the EP in, with just good ole blood, sweat, and tears.  It later became Screamhouse Media and we opened it up to other artists so that we could try and help them get a good product at an affordable price.  This in turn morphed into what Screamhouse Media is now today which is our label. 

Tell us about your up and coming CD release party.

The release show is really a homecoming show.  None of us have been on stage in almost 3 years and Orlando is our hometown.  So we’re hoping to have a lot of family and friends.  The first couple of shows we do will probably all be somewhat a CD release show.  However, this one is special for us.  We’ve got a lot of great bands on the bill including, 5 Billion Dead, Murderfly, and Who Was I, as well as Sykotic Clothing backing us up, and  putting the whole thing on.  It should be a great night for all around.

Who is sponsoring you guys? 

We have been very fortunate in getting to work with Crush Drums and Percussion.  There based out of Tampa and our good friend Andols Herrick actually helped get us hooked up with them.  Those guys down there are some of the greatest, coolest guys on the planet.  If we need anything they are right there to help.  Their about to explode globally as they have some of the best sounding kits to come out in years.  And some of the stuff they do with the hardware is super innovative.  I would encourage any drummer to check their kits out.

We also need to thank Sfarzo strings, for sticking with us.  They’ve got incredible sounding strings, at a super affordable price, and have always been very nice to us in getting us what we need.  No matter how crazy we made them.

Cocaine Energy drinks which is Raymond Herrera from Fear Factory’s energy drinks.  He just sent us out a bunch of this stuff and we’re drinking it like crazy.  Better than any other energy drink that is currently on the market. 

Gotta thank Sykotic clothing and JR for hooking us up.  This guy has been there for us pretty much since the beginning and we can’t thank him enough for all the help.  Check out their clothing line they’ve got some good stuff.

Who is "Screamhouse Media"?

Screamhouse Media started out as the recording studio that Shane and I built for not only the band to record other artists.  It has since morphed into our label.  We are the ultimate DYI band, not only writing, and recording our own music, but building the studio from which we do it, and also doing all the promotion, and marketing in house.  Screamhouse has really been nice to have to help us get to where we need to go.  The goal is to hopefully one day be able to sign other young hungry bands and hopefully start our own family within Screamhouse.

Shane Bryant - Vocals
Justin Lunsford - Guitars
Marc(sug-a) Sugarman - Keys
Rafiq Basaria - Guitars
Jared Golden - Bass
Daniel Blume - Drums

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