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Monday, August 29, 2011

Interview with Back From Ashes

One day last week we were doing the Twitter thing and a band name came across the channel from one of our favorite promoters @The_MusicMuse. We checked them out and was in total awe! One of the greatest Metal bands we have heard all week and believe me, we have been looking. That band is Back From Ashes and today we will interview these totally awesome musicians and see what we can learn about them. As it is right now, we believe that they should have no problem continuing to gain fans!

And now the Interview:

What is your tour/gigging schedule presently? Just most important up and coming..

We are playing Ufest in two weeks with Five Finger Death Punch, Anthrax, Danco Jones, Filter and My Darkest days. We just played Mayhem with Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, Machine Head, Trivium, In Flames, Hatebreed and so many more. We have some tour stuff coming up but have to keep hush hush on it for now. You will all be the first to know!

We are wondering if you have new stuff in the works and if so, what can you tell us about it?

We are always working on new stuff. The 261 album is relatively new but we are always creating. We are always trying to top the last hit. If we don't we then become mediocre and who wants that?

We noticed you've had a lot of attention from media online and off. We read that your MySpace page got almost a million listens in less than a year. We have been also hearing that MySpace is mostly bands listening to other bands. Is it still a viable place to have your music today?

We haven't even looked at our Myspace in months. It started out as great place for bands to be heard and then quickly became spam central. We have since switched focus to Facebook. It is more personalized and a lot less spam. A real shame nonetheless. 

How did your band name come to be Back From Ashes?

We had all been in bands most of our lives and the reality is they all failed for the most part. When the project was conceived it was a re-birth for us. A new beginning if you will. We thought about where we were from and what we were going through and the name just fit. We are the Phoenix rising back from the ashes and we are on a mission! 

On the MySpace topic, we would have thought that ReverbNation would be the next best place. Have you also found issues with it?

Absolutely not. ReverbNation is great! We use it all the time. Great widgets and a large reach!

Who do you have recording and producing these well done master pieces?

HAHA! You are way to kind. Our Producer/Engineer/Mixer is Ryan Greene of Validus Recording out in L.A. He is amazing! He's mixed and produced some of the biggest artists I know. The guy just has an ear unlike any other. 
Do you have any sponsors you would like to mention?Mesa Boogie, Jagermeister, Jackson Guitars, DR strings, Soultone Cymbals, Pork Pie drums, Line 6. Trojan condoms although they aren't a sponsor, yet ;-)

Tell us about your band members and what they contribute to the band.

Mike Butikofer - Guitar
Anthony DeJesus - Guitar
David Digillio - Bass
Dan Johnson - Drums 
Jason Hobel - Vocals

To say that any one of the members only contributes one thing would be a gross understatement. This band is a unified whole. We all do everything as it relates to writing, promoting, financial contributions etc. That's what makes us who we are. We all have pride in everything we do. A band has to fire on all cylinders at all times or you will fail. 

Any thing in final you would like to say:

Thank you! Who am I? Jerry Springer? No final thoughts but sleep... lol.

You can get a copy of their latest album, 261 from CDBaby

Official Back From Ashes