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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Interview with Order of Voices

I remember it well the first time listening to and watching a great video by Order of Voices ~ Don't Falter .  I asked our group to have a listen and we listened to it over and over! The animated video is totally cool. It does a great job of visualizing the story being told in the music. After listening to "Reaching Down" and others we decided we had to find out more about this very creative band and try to understand how something this great can even be created. In short we are totally blown away by this band And here begins our interview:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Interview with Back From Ashes

One day last week we were doing the Twitter thing and a band name came across the channel from one of our favorite promoters @The_MusicMuse. We checked them out and was in total awe! One of the greatest Metal bands we have heard all week and believe me, we have been looking. That band is Back From Ashes and today we will interview these totally awesome musicians and see what we can learn about them. As it is right now, we believe that they should have no problem continuing to gain fans!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interview with I Will Break Thee

This fairly newly formed, Orlando, Florida based Metal Band, "I WILL BREAK THEE", will soon be setting the world on its side with an awesome EP "Welcome To My Kingdom".

Recorded, produced and released by Shane Bryant of Screamhouse Media, the bands label. Shane is also the lead singer and creator of IWBT, which is a rare occurrence in itself. Being endorsed by some fairly big named sponsors, musicians, internet radio, etc, seem to be in agreement with us on this point; They are destined for big things if they stay on this course of action with creative music and lyric writing.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoe Ann - Teen Rocker

We had the opportunity to hang out online with Zoe and Hunter on Butterflies Radio Show - "Twitter Tuesday Live". These 15 year old teen rockers blew us away with lyrics and music far beyond their ages. During the show we found out that Zoe is actually home schooled and that she learns from some CD learning program on her own! It must be working well because, like we said, she is wise far beyond her years. When we asked Zoe where she would like to play most, she paused a few seconds and said; "Not any particular place but every place would be good! We want to perform in front of a sea of people and experience that feeling."

We asked Zoe about her home schooling and to tell us a little about her backing band and also if she had any musical training.

Zoe Ann:

As far as training, I started Musical Theater at age 7 and piano a while before that. I began guitar just a couple years ago. All these years I have had the same vocal coach, I only see her on occasion or if I am having a problem, but she is the lady I began Musical Theater with. (Jill Lord)

I use a variety of Homeschool education materials. They include books and CD's but from multiple sources. I am fortunate to live in a state that allows me some freedom that way. We try to just pick and choose what will work best for my needs at the time.