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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Interview with WHY @WHY_music

In this episode of Road Trip we are interviewing a great band from Winnipeg, MB, CA  named WHY.  During the interview we asked why?  :) Hopefully the interview will offer you some interesting facts that you didn't know about them. OK, let's get on to the interview with WHY.

-Why the band name WHY?

Brian- “Back in the 90’s I was watching TV and saw a special on the life and death of John Lennon. There was footage from the day after his death outside his New York apartment. There was a huge crowd of mourners and a guy with a sign with one word on it… WHY. It struck me.”

-Tell us a bit about how the song "Prisoner Of Hope" came to be?

Brian- “We were writing for the next album and the earthquake in Haiti hit. We were moved to do something and had just written PRISONER OF HOPE which was about how some people seem to be hopeful and positive even in the worst situations. I was going through the lyrics and noticed that they lent themselves well to what we were seeing on TV from Haiti. I asked the band if we could quickly record a version of the song and release it giving the profits to UNICEF. We rushed in to studio and recorded and mixed it within a week. Shot a video in one night and cut it released it. were a great help in getting the song up in 24 hours. And you can still buy it online at: and on iTUNES.”

-Do you have personal or general reasons for your huge support for the poor, sick and needy?

Brian- “I truly believe when you invest in people (be that emotionally, financially or with your time) the dividends are always a hundred fold. It’s always a winning endeavor. “

Terence – I am a firm believer that the less fortunate in the world deserve some form of social, political or economic contribution.

-Who does the song writing for the band?

Terence - The song writing is usually a collaborative effort. Quite often, we as a band communicate like monkeys (not purposely) when we verbalize parts and sections. That is one of the special aspects of being in WHY. You are not just a guitar player or drummer. Instead, you are a musician playing the guitar or drums and I believe that helps with the creative process immensely. 

Brian- “Agreed, alone we each have talents but together we seem to channel these powerful pieces of music. The trick is to try to stay out of the way of the music. Let the song have it’s way.”

-What is your favorite venue to perform and why?

Brian- “The ones that will have us,  LOL! Actually I love playing big venues ie: theatres and festivals, but I have always said weather it’s a crowd of thousands or 5 people, do every show with the same level of passion and commitment because you don’t know the future, you could be dead tomorrow. So I do every show like it’s my last,…because it could be. I never want someone thinking I just phoned it.”  

-Do you use the same studio/producer on all your albums?

Brian- “Well WHY has had different producers in the past, but our last 2 project Steve Green at GREENEGG Studios in Winnipeg was a constant. He was mixing our songs. We never had Steve actually produce us. But this current project Steve is doing it all from the ground up(recording, mixing and mastering).  I have to say it’s the best we’ve sounded ever. Steve understands us as a band and as people. He shares our vision for music that shakes people and inspires them. Wish we had Steve produce us long time ago. I think we will be working with Steve for awhile.”

Terence - Being involved in many different projects I can vouch that a new producer/studio has a tremendous effect on the finished product of an album. 
-Are you currently working on an album? And does it have a theme?

 Terence – Yes, we are currently working on an album. The real underlying theme we are trying to achieve is pushing ourselves musically. That is to say, we are approaching this album through a new perspective. Stay tuned :) 

Brian- “For me as a lyricist and singer, it feels like the underlying theme of the new album is Hope. Every song that has come seems to be about hanging on and not letting fear have it’s way. We live in very uncertain times and sometimes a song or album can be the catalyst for courage. I’m hoping people hear these songs a feel like they can make through these rough times. I suppose it could be the soundtrack to their journey.”

-Tell a bit about who helps to make you sound so good.

Brian- “Well live it’s Matt Guenther, and recording lately as I said earlier it’s Steve Green at GreenEgg Studio. But I also believe that we sound good because we all as a band believe in the songs first. We really do try to get out of the way of the songs.”

Terence – ancient Chinese secret! For us bass players the sound is my hands. 

- What can you share that might help other emerging bands?

Terence – Never give up. There are two things you suffer throughout life: The pain of preparation or the pain of defeat. Be the later. 

Brian – “Success comes to those who knock at the door the longest…not who knock the loudest. You only fail when you quit.”

-What do you guys do in your spare time, do you have hobbies other than music?

Terence – I enjoy long walks on the beach, poetry and playing with free range kittens. No. Quite honestly, I enjoy working out and being physically active when I can. 

Brian – “I do voice over work and some cartoon voicing. I film making and the grammar of film/video editing. But I must admit, music is in my DNA it move and inspires me. I heard a great quote once and I can’t confirm who said but it was: ‘Art is God’s turn to talk.’ I really like that. So I’ll shut up and let the music speak for me.”

-Has it been a difficult ride being indie?

Brian – “It’s been a long ride. A long ride with rejection (which is a big part of pursuing and career in music or art) but if you aren’t good with rejection, don’t be in the entertainment business. I have to admit, watch a song start out as a small idea and unknown and then have it get slowly received by people is pretty great. It’s all about the journey. Resistance makes you stronger. Anything worth anything comes with effort. ”

-Any endorsements you would like mention in this interview?

Brian- “I would have to mention Steve Green, Matt Guenther, my family, my band family and the Creator who created the coffee bean (LOL) and gave me the gift of music.

 Terence – I would like to thank my loving family, my girlfriend Trisha and the support of my friends. 

WHY is:

Rob Langan(guitar/keys)
Todd Laurie(lead guitar)
Dave Bergmuller(drums)
Terence Karacsony(bass)