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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Interview with Lee Gibson - @leegibsonmusic

Photo by: Tyler Andrews

Lee Gibson was very recently named our Artist of the Month by a panel of judges, Mark Lamdanski and Carol Riordan of Butterflies Radio, Rich Wildman from Music Scene Investigation, Wayne Benson from Krankit Radio and Tim Lester of I think they made the right choice, Lee definitively deserves it. Well done country music and lyrics and a great voice awaits you. In this interview you can learn a bit more about Lee as well as enjoy his music. And now our interview conducted by Ced of Independent Music and Media.

Lee, first of all, thank you for doing this interview. It's such a pleasure to chat with a songwriter of your caliber. How do you come up with this stuff? Do you have a secret, magical music tree growing in your backyard?

Walter, I think I'm like a lot of other writers in that I write from previous experiences - love, love lost, pain, love found, love lost again, a few adult beverages & repeat that vicious cycle. I can recall only a handful of songs that I've penned or co-wrote with another writer where I had to really for the song. I'm still looking for that magical tree where songs fall from. I want to be as successful as possible, but I don't want to write from a formulaic standpoint. It has to be real - regardless of how simple or how in depth.

Enjoy Country Music 
by Lee Gibson

What brought you to being a songwriter and wanting a career in the music industry? 

I've been singing since I was in diapers. I can't recall when it began & I hope it never stops for me. I've been a publisher, worked for & owned a production company, had my own studio, & I keep coming back to the performance side of it. And I've worked for some huge songwriters, but this is what fulfills me day in & day out.

Who are some of your musical influences? And even as awesome as you are, you have to exclude yourself. 
Thanks. I grew up glued to Merle, Mac Davis & Charlie Daniels Band but I can still recall an old Motown Record of my mom's that I STILL listen to. My biggest influences are folks like Radney Foster, Anthony Smith, & most recently, Bobby Pinson. All of which are pretty much tops in my book of the not-so-Nashville songwriter.

You have gotten some great reviews about your album, "Somewhere Other Than Here." Which song is your favorite and why?

Photo by:   Justin Wysong
My favorite depends on my mood. Right now, my favorite from this CD is "Still There" cause is pretty much chronicles the small town where I was raised - Winchester, TN. Tomorrow, it may be "Somewhere Other Than Here", cause being from a small town, sometimes you just have to get the hell out. That being said, I have a few favs from the upcoming CD that I think set a totally different tone than this CD. There's plenty of love & pain, but there is one song which is gaining some notoriety among a few folks in radio that say it's their favorite("Long Slow Night"). There's another one titled "Don't Judge Me" that is a veritable middle finger I aim at some long-ago "fair-weather friends". Yeah, I like that one, too.

So, what is the concept behind the name of your album, "Somewhere Other Than Here"? 

In all honesty, I wasn't thinking about concept when I put this together. I had some help putting these selections together & we went with it. At the time, it was what I felt was the strongest songs in the catalog that worked together well.

You have already had significant success in the music industry as a published songwriter with major label songs, signed with Century Music Group, and won the Finals. What's next on your plate to accomplish as an artist?

Tour as much as possible, finish the new CD, pitch it to some "bigger fish", & push that as hard as I can, all the while working on the catalog for the NEXT CD. I'm already writing & working on ideas with other writers all the time for it. Yet another vicious cycle, but this one is much more enjoyable.

Lee, thank you again for doing this interview. Anything you would like to add or shout outs to anyone?

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Walter, thanks for the interview. Thanks to those who judged this because I didn't even know I was still in the hunt for it until I received your message. It's been a blast. I've got to give a big thanks to my band: Art Ward, Steve McRuiz, & Jeff Black. They rock! Big shout out to Century Music Group & LB Music - they all work their butts off for me & a few other artists they each represent. And a big thanks to my friends & fans - can't do it without those amazing folks!

Oh, and please remind your readers that the first CD can be bought at in CD or MP3s.

Thanks again & take care!!

-Lee Gibson

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