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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Something About @JesseAbraham

Jesse Abraham
We had a chance to again catch up with Jesse Abraham for another interview. Our last interview published on 10/9/2011 and can be seen here. Jesse has been rather busy working on his new project "I Am Water" so we appreciate him taking time out for us! He asked us to think "outside the box" on this one and we think you might just learn some new things about Jesse, enjoy!

Okay, hypothetically, you are taking a long break from music, what do you think you would do instead?

I suppose if I took a hypothetical break from emceeing, I'd still write rhymes, I just wouldn't do much with them. I've always written raps, but I only started putting them out as songs and projects over the last few years. Without music I imagine I would continue to run my tutoring company and work with kids as I do now, travel and hoop more, work on this children's book that my girlfriend and I have been forever talking about doing, learn about gardening and inevitably do yoga, just for irony's sake. I studied philosophy and video production in school, so I reckon I would pursue something to do with those two dormant passions of mine. Maybe I'd learn how to drive a car.

You are at an awesome South Florida beach, during spring break, what would you do?

I've always wanted to scuba dive, although I'm kind of petrified of such a notion. I have the opposite of claustrophobia... infinitely large spaces frighten me. I'd probably end up in Orlando visiting my aunt and cousins. And I might drive by Pat Riley's house and throw eggs at his windows. I'm still mad at him.

What are your favorite TV shows these days?

I haven't owned a TV since like '06, so my TV knowledge is limited to what Hulu & Netflix allow it to encompass. I got pretty into Breaking Bad a little while ago when I had the flu and watched the entire series in like a week. I can get down with some Parks & Rec on occasion, and early Family Guy episodes are always a favorite of mine. I recently watched the Band of Brothers series, which was quite possibly the most compelling TV experience I've ever had.

Have you ever been hunting or fishing?

I believe I went fishing in camp once or twice when I was pretty young, and I don't think I would ever go hunting. I'm in favor of allowing beasts to roam free, despite my carnivorous diet.

Have you ever considered joining the military?

I have never considered joining the military. I value the courage and sacrifice of our troops, but I myself am an exceedingly non-violent individual.

I am an action, adventure and martial arts movie kind of guy, you?
I can get down with lots of genres of flicks, but it's pretty rare that I actually enjoy any of them, unless they make me think or feel or laugh or care and stuff. "That was rad" isn't a sentiment that often fulfills the movie-goer within me. But authentic martial arts flicks can be dope...I used to rock out to those pretty often when I was younger, especially when Wu-Tang first came out.

Do you like any video games and if so, do you use computer or console?

I was a beast on the Super NES back in the day. I think I could've set world records in F-Zero if given the chance. Aside from the occasional random interaction at a friend's house, I've been relatively video game deprived for the entirety of my adult life. Although I did play the XBox Kinect recently...I think I injured my arm skiing ha.

PC or Mac?

Miggida miggida miggida miggida Mac.

Pie or Cake?
My body doesn't tolerate lactose, so those are both pretty challenging for me.

Ever been on an ocean cruise? If so, business or pleasure?

I have not been on any kind of cruise. My experience with boats is limited, as large bodies of water and I don't have the most natural relationship. Cast Away was a horror movie for me.

Are you planning on children anytime in the future?

In the future, yes, absolutely.

You've been abducted by aliens and you are about to be taken from earth. They give you the option to take three things with you, they of course won't allow things to help you escape. They also mention that you can't take people, what 3 things would you take?

Assuming I've been abducted while clothed and wearing a hat, I'd grab my iPod, a basketball and my laptop...they better have a plug.

Favorite head phone brand?

I've exclusively used the Sony MDR-V150 Stereo headphones since I was in high-school. The black ones.

Which foods do you dislike?

I don't care much for baby food, and I can't think of anything much more repellent than cottage cheese. Just the word cottage kind of grosses me out. Pears are icky. Yogurt is nasty. Most salad dressings makes me gag.

Do you play any musical instruments?

I play the balophone, poorly.

What music is on your mp3 player right now?

I have about 16,000 songs on my iPod, which I usually listen to on random. I'm pretty firm in my stance that iPods have souls, and the energy of a given environment often dictates the sort of song selection derived from my iPod. My music collection is pretty well-rounded. Too much Sum 41, that's for sure.

Least favorite sport?

To be honest, I've lost count as to what qualifies something to be a sport. Games vs. Events vs. Contests vs. Sports...I'm out of the semantics-loop ha. Probably all that UFC stuff would be considered my least favorite sport...that's not to say that I'm unimpressed by those athletes. I just don't really find it entertaining or enjoyable. But I also saw some olympic event which I believe consisted of a puck and seven people with brooms. That might be my favorite sport actually.

Can you tell us something about your latest project "I Am Water" that might not yet be known?

  • I Am Water is the album I've been wanting to make my entire life. In all honesty, I'm quite proud of my existence thus far as a person named me, and I feel that this album is a fair reflection of my years on this planet being this guy named Jesse. Consequently, I'm rather proud of this album. 
  • IllMind produced more than a third of the album.
  • I recorded every syllable of the album at Ampliphonic Studios, in Queens, NY. 
  • I wrote every word of this album without a piece of paper. That's a first for me. 
  • I created this entire album 100% sober. Also a first for me. 
  • I Am Water is going to be referred to as my second album, but it's a bit confusing because my Bars & NoBull project from 2010 was kind of my first album, though I think it's more of a mixtape, which would have made One Day my second album...but who knows. Well, I suppose I should know. But I don't. So that's that.

You can read more about Jesse's "I Am Water" project in this interview on Static MultiMedia

Please become involved in Jesse's mission to provide an entire village with safe drinking water! Visit to make a donation now! 

Special thanks to Lizzy Snaps for the photos!