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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Interview with Irish Band Rezlow - @Rezlow

Rezlow is a band from Kerry, Ireland. With influences from across all genres, Rezlow's music is described as melodic acoustic and alternative rock. 

This will be the second time we have interviewed Rezlow and we think this is the best one yet! Enjoy this interview conducted by Kiva of IndieViews.

  In reading some of the blog posts from the band's blog, Rambling House I noted Terry talking about recording at night. As a writer, I am completely worthless until the sun goes down. I do my best work between midnight and four a.m. and it seems many of the musicians I interview do their best work after the typical 9-5 work day. Why do you think that is? Why is that so for you all?

Terry: Well i think it's because everyone else is in bed, the world around is quiet, all the electrical energy, phones, TVs, laptops are low - the new constant world of instant contact-ability is off ...anyway you get my point... there's no's also something to do with the dream're wide-awake, creating in a time when you should be asleep...

Cillian: I use music as a form of recreation after work. Some people go to the gym, others read a book, for me, it's playing my guitar. Often into the early hours of the morning, sometimes on my own, but preferably with the rest of the band.

Barry: No idea what you're on about . I'm usually sound asleep.
Brendan: Silence, except for what's in your head.. it's a peaceful time of day yet it helps you become invigorated - to channel all your creativity, without interruption.

You also talk on the blog about recording at the house as opposed to at the studio. What made you make the change in recording locations and talk about how it affected the finished product in both instances (the studio tracks vs. the home recordings)?

Barry: There are more bathrooms in the house... it helps with the creative process.

Brendan: We never really planned on recording any place else. We were equipped with the knowledge and recording gear so It just seemed like the natural way of doing things.

There was no need for discussion. We all agreed it just felt right. It's comfortable and we were in familiar surroundings. It's so great to be able to write a piece of music on this piano.. and the same or following day make the recording right there at the same place that you wrote it. That can be hugely important for the music to translate, at least for me. It's where you were inspired.. something in that instrument or room acoustic worked.. so why not capture it right there for everyone to feel and hear what you did as you wrote it, as opposed to going to a unfamiliar studio environment, watching the clock.

Cillian: Home recording is always going to be more relaxed as it's in familiar surroundings, less technical and more intimate. It's a case of us being able to work around the clock as opposed to against it. This takes the stress off the recording and gives more time to being creative and for experimenting.

Terry: The house smells nicer....and the views are better....and i don't have far to walk to go and talk to myself.... the house is simply better for creating...

Rezlow has been together since 2008. Being a group of five musicians, that is a pretty good run without any change in the members or break ups and make ups. How do you maintain the harmony within the band and what do attribute the success of the band to? 

Cillian: We have been friends longer than we have been in the band. I think this helps us understand each other, know when to give someone space and when to call them up on something. I know its a bit of a cliche, but Rezlow is like a family for us.

Terry: I only talk to Mr McCarthy...and I only communicate with the other band members by text...or chat..and the occasional email or Facebook poke....

Brendan: We stay as far away from each other as possible while not making music together! (or having a pint ...) and we raise our hands when we would like to speak up...Ultimately though, we are good friends and know how to communicate properly.

Barry: Tea, Alcohol and friendship

How did the band come up with the name Rezlow? How did you decide to name the blog Rambling House and tell us a little bit about the Sonic Shed.

Cillian: I'll let Terry answer that!

Brendan: Sonic Shed..hmmmm Terry? 'The Rambling House' was a radio show with great chat and excellent local music on our local station . It was also the name of a former music venue there... fitting for a musician's blog.. don't ya think? Rezlow was a mix of two previous band names we had. It was new, original and worked great on Google!

I remember when you all were guests on Butterflies Radio Twitter Tuesday Live and you all were quite the characters - the Irish version of Bosco and Peck. How do you get any work done being such a fun group of guys and is there a "boss" amongst the group of you? Who keeps everyone in line? 

Brendan: Cups of tea settle us down and keep us in line. We work hard in short bursts then we make tea again...

Terry:...I'm the boss...I'm up at the crack of Dawn, before everyone else...get full breakfast made for my Irish warm up the vocals.

The tea kettle tends to line
Cillian: In Ireland we have an Irish saying, 'Craic agus ceoil agus Rock n' Roll' which translated means 'Fun and music and Rock n' Roll' I think this is what Rezlow is all about. It helps to be able to have a good fun working relationship with your band members, or else it becomes to much like hard work, you need to be able to find a good mix.

Who's the boss? Good question. Pass

Barry: I don't know... I think each one of us thinks they are the boss... Terry's always last up in the morning so count him out. Also, that Irish yoga thing is just Tex standing on one leg while he puts on one boot then standing on the other leg while he puts on the other. He does use the mat though.

 If each of you were a color in a crayon box, what color would you be and why?

Barry: Don't care what colour crayon I am... I'll always be colouring outside the box!

Cillian: I'd be fifty shades of grey . I love that colour
Terry: I'd be the box
Brendan: I've spent way too long thinking of an answer to this one...hmmm.. what's for dinner?

I live in Kentucky and we were settled by Irish immigrants. I want to personally thank you all for the beautiful stone masonry which gave us fences that have stood the test of time (without mortar) for over 200 years and for whiskey (with an E because the Scots drop the e). Your whiskey is the best and led to Bourbon. But you could have kept the damned thistle. There is nothing pretty about that and it hurts like hell when you step on it. I just thought I should pass that along.

Kiva Johns-Adkins

Rezlow: Thank you, we really appreciate that. Oh and If you need any Irish stone masonry done around your place, do let us know. We have no idea how to do that, but we'd love to come over and have some of that whiskey with you while we try figure it out! 

This email based interview was conducted by Kiva of IndieViews. Kiva is also the Executive Producer and Host of the Butterflies Radio @IndieViews Artist Spotlight, which airs Monday night's at 8pm EDT at