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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Interview with Glitter Rose - @GlitterRoseTX

We are proud to do this interview with our November Artist of the Month, Glitter Rose who is a veteran in the music industry starting professionally at 13 years old in 1998. She is an accomplished guitarist, a simply genius songwriter, and has vocals packed with power, grit, and originality. Her live show is that of legends, captivating the audience with her high energy performance, and her passionate presence. GR has great love and admiration for her fans, stating "They are the reason I make music. If I can evoke emotion and excitement in one person in the crowd, I've done my job. It brings me great satisfaction to touch people with my songs and my performance." 

And now onto our interview conducted by Kiva of IndieViews

What about YOU, makes you an "outlaw" Southern Rocker? 

I don't play by any rules. I play what I want and what I feel, which often goes against the rules of any songwriting format, image, or genre I should fit into. I like to push the limits to get my message across. Sometimes playing it safe, you go unheard.

You are a left-handed guitarist. Does this pose any special challenges to you, particularly on stage? One of my all time favorite musicians is Sir Paul McCartney, who was also a left-handed guitarist It actually caused him to have to switch to playing bass, which led me to ask that question of you.

Being a lefty is challenging on the fact that there's not a lot of options out there for my to try as a guitarist. Not very many builders have lefties in stock or on hand. Luckily, I am endorsed with the best guitar company Warrior Guitars, who do make a lot of lefties. Other than that, being on stage there is no issue. It actually works out pretty cool when I want to go jam out with my bassist or guitarist, and we make a mirror image when we face each other, or can lean in to each other with no necks in the way. I tried to learn right handed, which would have been more convenient for guitar purchasing, but it felt so unnatural. I am about as lefty as you can get!

Tell everyone about your 5 month residency at The Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood and about the Southern Rock Brunch, an event they created for you.

My residency at Hard Rock Cafe was incredible! I was treated like family every Sunday morning. I got to perform 2 acoustic sets, while people enjoyed the custom Southern inspired menu, prepared by Chef Leonard Delgado. I would sometime bring up special guests to accompany me on particular weeks. I enjoyed making so many amazing friends and fans from all around the world!

You were born and raised in Southern California before moving to Texas with your father, Peter Louis, who raised you. He played an important part in giving you what has become your stage name. Talk about that. I think it is always cool when a stage name is so much more than one that is just pulled out of a hat.

I was born in the Mojave desert in California. I lived there with my mom until I was 12. Then, I moved to our family home in TX with my Dad and older sister and right away, I felt like I was where I belong. I adopted Texas as home at that moment. My Dad thought I "glittered like a star", and the nickname Glitter stuck. I legally changed my name to honor my Dad and the nickname, and he was really happy when I did. It was a very defining moment in my life, establishing my identity and another step that made me feel more like myself. I think everyone searches for their place in the world, or their identity over the years, and these 2 experiences happened to be big moments that made me what I am today.

You were also home schooled from middle school on, which I mind so many musicians that age, are. What were the reasons for this and, in hindsight, did you find that choice beneficial or detrimental to you in the long run?

 I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to be home schooled It enabled me to pursue music 110% and through those years I was able to incorporate songwriting and music business into my studies. I learned a lot of things I would have never learned in a classroom, and feel like I had the chance to prepare for the beast that is the music business earlier than most. I can't imagine learning any other way. I feel like I would have lost interest in school and may not have learned as much, not being able to incorporate music and learning the business I truly love and wanted to be in for life.

Enjoy music by Glitter Rose

In closing
"It's a huge honor to be endorsed with so many fine companies. I want to thank Telefunken Elektroakustik, Warrior Guitar, Orange Amps, Rotosound Music Strings, BAE Audio, Fishman Acoustic Amplification, Moody Leather and Guitar Hands Hand Care.

I'd also like to thank the Artists in Music Awards for nominating me in both the Best Rock Artist and Best Country Artist categories. I'll be performing at their Nomination, Red Carpet and Press event Sun. Dec. 2, 2012 at the Whisky a GoGo in W. Hollywood, as well as the 2013 Artists in Music Awards main event on Feb. 8, 2013. Visit to VOTE and for more information."

This email based interview was conducted by Kiva of IndieViews. Kiva is also the Executive Producer and Host of the Butterflies Radio @IndieViews Artist Spotlight, which airs Monday night's at 8pm EDT at