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Monday, October 22, 2012

Interview with David Geftakys - @DavidGeftakys

It is an honor to interview our October Artist of the Month -David Geftakys. And we want everyone to know that his fans have been extremely supportive of us and David and we want to give a shout out to you guys. You are the reason we all do this in the first place! 

David has been busy guy so we thank him for the time taken to do this email based interview with us! So let's get to the interview conducted by INDIE &a JONEZ

Hi David, thanks for talking to us today.   So, the new single, ‘You’re Alive’ is out and that seems like a good place to start.  What was it like working with David Gielan?

David Gielan and I have been aware of one another's music for a while as we are both being played on the same radio stations. In mid 2012 David Gielan contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing a song together. It took us a little time to work out the schedules but in August 2012 we spent three weeks on and off working in the studio together writing and producing "You're Alive". It was a fun song to write and brought each of our strengths together in a really fun way.

Check out "You're Alive (Lyric Video)"

Is making such an uber positive song just how you roll or something you set out to do?  Why?

If I write lyrics before the song melody has been constructed then I tend to make a choice of message based upon something in my life at the time. When I write music first then I let the emotions and thoughts that are inspired by that music lead me along in writing lyrics. In this case the music felt very inspiring to me and I had this image of a lonely hand in a crowd, reaching out for help and another hand from the crowd reaching out to grab it showing that it's not alone. That image is what drove the lyrics and the meaning for me.

Did you go back to Flashman Studios for the mix?

No, I only worked in that studio for one song, "Stellar Phoenix". Most of my songs were produced in my own studio and mixed either there, or with an engineer friend. The single "You're Alive" was recorded and mixed at Melody Maker Productions, the studio that Dave has in Los Angeles.

Use three words and 1 number to describe your sound.

Ha ha ha. Now you're going to make me think about this one. How about "Real Life Emotion" and the number 2 since a lot of what I write about focuses on people connecting.

Could you please describe your next record to the readers in terms of clothing?  I mean, is it a hoodie, a turtleneck, leather shorts – & what colour is it?  When’s it out and where can we all get one?

Ha ha ha ha I have to admit, I have never been asked to describe music in such a way. I mean, music for me is a sound that generates emotions, images, evokes memories etc. I rarely connect any of these with clothing. But to quote Forest Gump, "You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Where they are going, where they've been…" my music would definitely have worn-out shoes. ?? "I'm running, I'm running" ?? lol

Are you playing the scene in LA right now and where are some of your fav places to play?  What’s your bucket list, have to play place?

Yeah, we played out all summer long and are getting ready for a release party. We've played at Amplyfi, The Trip, House of Blues in Hollywood, Universal Studios City Walk, and are getting ready to play the Federal in north Hollywood. I don't know any musicians who would turn down an opportunity to play at the El Ray Theater, The Greek, The Hollywood Bowl, me included.

I hear that you started on the piano and then moved onto the guitar but what’s one instrument you’d like to learn to be awesome at?

Besides always wanting to improve my current abilities I would love to also learn how to play the drums. I can tinker around a little bit, but I would never tell someone I can play.

Lastly, here is your blank spot to get across whatever you’d like to  - tell us a secret – hype your spot, give us a sneak peak – whatever.

Damn, I'm not really very good at hyping anything up. But I am really excited for everyone to hear the new album which releases in a few weeks, especially one of the singles on it called "And You". As a songwriter I'm always coming up with new ideas and the new ideas always excite me the most. So while I'm stoked for everyone to hear the new songs on the album. I'm also jonesing to put together the next catchy thing that I have running through my head. I think my fans have started to recognize this in my writing style and eclectic choices in genre.

Thanks so much David – you seem like a grounded guy whose head and heart are in the right place – best of luck and I’ll see ya on Twitter!

Thank you for the interview and the chance to share my music with all of your readers. You guys are an awesome group and deserve some major props.


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