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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interview with T Dawn Music @tdawn1

On Road Trip we have T Dawn who is a hard working composer, singer/songwriter from Riverside, CA that we met on Twitter some time ago and we are just now getting around to interviewing her. She lists her influences are Cheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Tori Amos, Imogen Heap. Her music ranges in Alternative / Progressive Rock / Indie Rock

You have a new band "Traces of Dawn", tell us who they are and how it happened.

That is correct, “Traces of Dawn” will be the new band name. I am so excited for people to hear the new music, it’s different for me…but my trademark style will be all over it. That is pretty much how I came up with the name of the band. After collaborating with several artists and building up my confidence I realized it was time to branch out and start forming a band of my own. We are not a big band, but we have a big sound! I have Justin Gummow to thank for that. Justin has worked with me from time to time on music. He actually assisted me with my song “Mental Breakdown” when I first started out, so it is no surprise that we are now working together on a regular basis. He brings to the table many things. He has a great sense of music style. He is a multi-talented musician who is very capable of playing the guitar, bass and drums. Justin won the Guitar Center store drum off finals and he has played drums for metal group named “Helsot” which has been recently signed to a label. I think our fans “Starlights” will notice a big difference in the music production.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview with Country Music Star - Mary Sarah

We have been trying to land an interview with Mary Sarah for awhile now but she is a rather busy youngster these days. She had a moment to spend some time to do this interview with us. Thank you Mary! We will start with an excerpt from her bio page:

Mary Sarah
Turning 16 this summer!!! WooHoo! Seems like I waited an eternity for this day to come around. Am I excited about driving…anyone that knows me would say a big fat YES! I have been carefully looking at all kinds of cars for over a year now. My hearts desire would be to have one without a lid! You know…a convertible of any kind! Not sure that is practical right out the starting gate but hey…I am a dreamer. How about the new 2012 Beatles…sure wish I would have been old enough to go on Oprah last Christmas…she gave everyone in the audience one!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Something About @JesseAbraham

Jesse Abraham
We had a chance to again catch up with Jesse Abraham for another interview. Our last interview published on 10/9/2011 and can be seen here. Jesse has been rather busy working on his new project "I Am Water" so we appreciate him taking time out for us! He asked us to think "outside the box" on this one and we think you might just learn some new things about Jesse, enjoy!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Red Dragon Records Interview

This time on Road Trip we are interviewing a indie label we met on Twitter who seemed to be doing great things and was gaining ground fast. We have since then joined forces to help the ever so deserving independent musicians out there.
How did you come to be Red Dragon Records?

Red Dragon Records Logo
I spend a lot of time socialising in and around the south coast of the UK and constantly came across what i believe to be exceptional talent. These talented people were unlikely to ever get much further than a few gigs, not through any fault of there own but just down to the odds of being picked by a label (and that is assuming of course that the label does anything with them!). Whilst there are some artists out there who know how to self promote many don't or won't, these are the people we are here for. The artist that actually tipped the scales for me was Boudicca, an excellent and very passionate singer who I believe in immensely. She has always wanted to be recognized for her voice and I believed with my background in establishing business's that I could build a record label and showcase her talent. So I did, and the label rapidly grew from there gaining more acts and more contacts and will hopefully continue for a long time yet!